Immersive Gaming with the 3D surround headset: G-01

Enjoy gaming in a different way... Get blown away by the New Bee sound quality

3D sound and noise cancelling mic

With the protein leather G-01 earmuffs over your ears, you will be in the middle of the action. Whether it's Fortnite battle royale, FIFA2019 or your favourite game: you will forget about the rest of the world, being part of the virtual reality.

And as a bonus, your opponents will not be disturbed by your environment, thanks to the noise cancellation microphone.

Get gaming 

Universal Compatibility

Our Gaming Headset connects to any game console, ipad or PC.  

All cable-connectors are included in the box and a clear manual is provided for all platforms.


Complete and comfortable

For a very competitive price you will receive an extremely comfortable, lightweight headset with a luxury cable. 

All connectors are included. Just connect and fire away!


New Bee Europe

sophisticated sound, creating peaceful moments.  Undisturbed. Pure.





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