Sound at its best: NB-10

Premium HiFi sound offered by New Bee. The high quality product finish, its complete feature set and accessories, let New Bee's NB-10 compete against the known brands... 

Complete Feature Set

NB-10 offers all features you can think of. NFC, ANC and on top the low latency Bluetooth V4.2 (Qualcomm chipset) let's you connect with two sources at the same time and allows to share 1 sound source with two NB-10's (True Wireless Stereo). As an extra compared to the competition, NB-10 is delivered with a wireless charging stand (optional): you'll never forget to charge your headphones. And if you should forget: there's always the cable to endlessly enjoy your premium class over ear headphones!

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Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

The MAXIM Integrated chipset offers top-notch active noise cancelling technology. The sound waves from the environment are analyzed by the noise cancelling chip and a reverse wave is produced. This reduces the noise to a minimum. 

What to expect: A severe noise reduction, offering you peaceful music moments while you're on a plane, train or in a crowded environment. 

NB-10 will not completely cancel the human voices in the neighbourhood, as it targets high and low frequent repetitive sounds.

While playing your favourite music, you will forget about your surroundings. Just you and your music!

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New Bee stands for Quality

Super soft proteine-leather was used for the ear-muffs. You will love the touch of it. 

The headband is produced with premium lambskin material. Classy and comfortable. 

NB-10 is an over-ear foldable headphone, built for comfort and ease of use. No effort was spared to meet your quality requirements.

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